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Adolfo Chuiman, one of the famous Peruvian comedians

by Marga

Adolfo Chuiman is a Peruvian comedian and entertainer who participated in the program Risas y Salsas among others on Panamericana Television. He has made Peruvians laugh for so many years together with other brilliant artists and comedians such as Alex Valle, El Ronco Games, Guillermo Rossini, etc.

You can watch a funny sketch below

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like a boss
by: serina

i must he was the boss of the comedies. and i love all his stage shows and the TV comedies. he was also a great man with kind heart.

Pepe Torres
by: Anonymous

Pepe was a great fonomimico from the 60s as well.

by: Pepita

Adolfo Chuiman is a great artist, comediant and above all a great person. He has participated in brilliant comedy programs and sketches. I personally enjoy the ones he played the role of "Papa", a funny man in love, that goes into all sort of comic and tricky situations with the help of his good friend "Machucao".

I think he is into Peru politics now a days, wish him the best in whatever he wishes to do. Whatching his videos, far away from Peru now, always bring a smile to my face.

Thanks Mr Chuiman

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