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Amazon Rainforest Facts

Amazon Rainforest Facts


The Amazon rainforest consists of one of the most beautiful wildlife locations on Earth. Whether it is referred to as the Amazon jungle or Amazonia, it consists of almost 50 percent of the overall rainforests on earth.

The Amazon rainforest is a beautiful place to visit and explore, a travel that would never be forgotten but always remembered. The tropical jungle is filled with interesting facts to discover before visiting Amazonia.

Here are some interesting facts: did you know that the Amazon jungle is so big that it actually spreads over 8 different South American countries? These countries consist of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. In addition, every one-minute almost 3.5 million gallons of water are being discharged into the Atlantic.

Amazon Rainforest Facts

Along with enticing facts about the Amazon Rainforest there are also some unfortunate facts that are necessary to discuss when covering this topic. For instance, we are losing approximately 2 acres of rainforest every second. It is important to also realize that with this loss there are also going to be a lot of wildlife animals that will also be endangered.

As a result of rainforest deforestation approximately half of the planets plants and animals will be destroyed within the next quarter century. Some other interesting Amazon Rainforest facts: if the Amazonia was a country it would be the 9th largest country in the world. Many environmentalists have actually labeled the Amazon Rainforest as being the lungs of our planet as a result of it providing the necessary oxygen to survive. Thus, about 25 percent of the oxygen we receive on Earth is produced by Amazonia.

When looking at the beneficial facts of the Amazon rainforest, it worries us more and more about the endangered state of the rainforest and the different ways that we should be protecting it, and fosters it.

When traveling to the Amazon rainforest you will be exploring an abundance of different species and animals in every one-hectare of earth. If you are a fruit lover you will be excited to know that there are more than 3000 different kinds of fruits that exist within the Amazon jungle, many of these fruits include the ones that we know and recognize like the orange, avocado, coconut, fig, oranges, and much more.

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Kuelap Peru
kuelap is the "Machu Picchu" of North Peru. It is older than the Inka structure and uses more brickwork (by weight) than the Great Pyramids.

Tambopata Rainforest Guided Tours
The Tambopata Rainforest amazing biodiversity, is considered to be a privileged spot for wildlife observation. This pristine jungle offers the visitor an incredible variety of activities, such as treks through primary forests, or canoe rides on oxbow lakes to observe nature.

Chachapoyas city still preserves its wide colonial casonas of big courts and lounges, with roofs made of tiles, the Plaza de Armas is located to the west of the city.

Manu Park Peru
Manu Park Peru is a peak experience for nature lovers, it is the park with the biggest biodiversity on earth for its size.

Tambopata Reserve
Known as the most species-rich natural habitats in the world , the area host a great diversity of animals, birds, flora and fauna. From November to April it rains frequently and it can sometimes rain heavily for hours or days.

Ayahuasca Peru
Ayahuasca Peru, the plants that infused in order to create this brew can only be found in the Amazonian jungle. Many travelers are even driven to the Amazon rainforest as a result of their curiosity in regards to the Amerindian tribe and this reputable Ayahuasca brew that has been created by them.

Amazon Rainforest Animals
The diversity of the Amazon Rainforest animals is breath taking and absolutely stunning, amongst the different animals that live within the Amazon Rainforest, are the Spider Monkeys. This species of monkeys are known for their capacity of growing up to two feet tall.

Amazon Rainforest Plants
When walking into the rainforest, is like walking into a real tropical paradise filled with a diversity of beautiful plants. The tasteful Amazon jungle spreads over 2 million square miles, being as large as it is makes it a seemingly never ending paradise to discover and explore in abundance.

Amazon Rainforest Facts
Amazon Rainforest Facts: did you know that the Amazon jungle is so big that it actually spreads over 8 different South American countries? These countries consist of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

Amazon River
The Amazon River... even the name brings to mind the largest river in the world, in all its splendor. The total water flow of this mammoth river is greater than the eight next larger rivers put together!

.Amazon Rainforest Deforestation
Nature lovers have notably said that the tropical jungle, the Amazon rainforest, is said to be the most beautiful place on earth. To my experience, it truly is! Whether you are exploring the breath taking sites filled with millions of different fruits, plants, insects, or animals, the Amazonia is a place that will never be forgotten once you have traveled it

Amazon Rainforest Climate
Fluctuations in the Amazon rainforest climate over millions of year have resulted in the expansion and contraction of the rainforest across the continent of South America.

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