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Barranco Peru

The heart of the bohemian area of Lima

Lima, Barranco Peru
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Barranco Peru is a pleasing Lima suburb whose character remains, where the city has lost much of its own. It's the heart of the bohemian section of the city. Sitting on the sea, it feels like a small, separate town. It also holds one of Lima's hottest night spots, and there are many discos and clubs in the area. They positively come to life at night.

Barranco PeruDuring the day, you would never suspect the change that comes over Barranco at night. The days are tranquil and relaxed, seemingly like a town held in place by the hands of time.

This makes it a nice escape from the busy-ness of Lima, and it's a great place to stay if you prefer a slower pace than that of Lima.

The Bridge of Sighs, called the "Puente de Suspiros", is a smaller bridge with a wonderful view of the sea. There is a tram that operates on the Avenue of Pedro de Osma, now used exclusively for tourists. The area museums are a must see, particularly the Museo Pedro de Oswa, which exhibits a collection of paintings from their colonial era. Two other museums are located near the main square - the Museo de Electricidad and the Museo Galeria Arte Popular de Ayacucho.

Barranco PeruThe main street of Barranco Lima Peru is Av. Grau, and this is the location where you will find most of the shops and banks.

Barranco itself is located near Miraflores, and there are many tourist groups that visit between Larcomar and Miraflores.

Sitting peacefully in the southern region, Barranco Peru lies along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It rests just a little over 200 feet above sea level. Originally a village resort, it was dubbed a town in 1874. During the War of the Pacific in the 1880's, it was razed by Chilean forces. Now, it boasts middle to high income residents, a zoo, a large park and public beaches.

Once a mecca for beach-goers, Barranco now flourishes in its idyllic atmosphere. Its stately mansions have regained the splendor of years past. You can rest on a scenic pier gazing at the Pacific, or watch a cultural performance in one of the plazas. Or you can stroll on the town's boulevard and pop in at the neighborhood bars.

Barranco Peru

Barranco Peru has rebounded from past conquests and has become a place for rest and reflection by day, and whole-hearted partying by night.

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City Tour Lima
Lima will impress you with its Pre-Inca pyramids surrounding the city, beautiful beaches, good museums, an active nightlife, fun bars, great restaurants, and the charisma of its people.

Lima Peru Airport
The Lima Peru Airport is the main Airport in the country. It is located in Callao, 11 kilometers from Lima City Centre.

Callao Peru
Callao Peru is regarded by many people as a seaside suburb of Lima, in fact, it is certainly a city but can not avoid being overshadowed by its proximity to the capital of Peru, Lima.

The Capital of Peru
Founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, the capital of Peru, Lima, lies along the banks of the Rimac River. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this "city of Kings" has rapidly transformed into a cosmopolitan melting pot, rich with a variety of cultures while maintaining its Peruvian heritage.

Lima Weather
Weather in Lima is very mild, there is very little rainfall throughout the year. Some people in the Peru Capital, never used an umbrella in their lives.

Lima Shopping
Typical peruvian souvenirs, alpaca (sweaters, ponchos, rugs, coats and blankets), jewelery, handcrafts, inca art, etc. Find it in Lima shopping centres and markets.

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Lima Peru hotels satisfy any exquisite taste and any high demand, it is highly reccommended to make a research before booking.

Lima Main Districts

Miraflores Lima Peru is now a thriving district, safe and very important in Lima, for their great commercial movement, culture and tourism.

San Isidro
San Isidro Peru is one of the most beautiful, traditional and historic districts of Lima., it has a huge amount of green areas. The Olivar Park has several olive trees planted for more than four centuries and was declared a National Monument in 1959.

Barranco Lima
Barranco Peru is a pleasing Lima suburb whose character remains, where the city has lost much of its own. It's the heart of the bohemian section of the city. Sitting on the sea, it feels like a small, separate town.

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