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Cesar Vallejo

by Yolanda

Cesar Vallejo was a great poet from Peru. He studied at the National University of San Marcos in Lima, 1916. He wrote "Los Heraldos Negros" , one of the best poetry books I´ve ever read (highly recommended).

Another great novel he wrote was called "Towards the kingdom of the Sciris", which is a short novel about an Inca story. Cesar Vallejo died in 1938, probably of malaria.

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hey there
by: denver

The Los Heraldos Negros is one of the most renowned poetic books ever written. I have just read this and found this article completely legit. And to add up to this, Cesar Vallejo has become my favorite poet as of now.

Black Messengers
by: Julio

One of the most popular poems Cesar Vallejo wrote was "Los Heraldos Negros" or "Black Messengers".

Just want to share with this website visitors the translation of this fantastic poem:

There are in life such hard blows . . . I don't know!
Blows seemingly from God's wrath; as if before them
the undertow of all our sufferings
is embedded in our souls . . . I don't know!

There are few; but are . . . opening dark furrows
in the fiercest of faces and the strongest of loins,
They are perhaps the colts of barbaric Attilas
or the dark heralds Death sends us.

They are the deep falls of the Christ of the soul,
of some adorable one that Destiny Blasphemes.
Those bloody blows are the crepitation
of some bread getting burned on us by the oven's door

And the man . . . poor . . . poor!
He turns his eyes around, like
when patting calls us upon our shoulder;
he turns his crazed maddened eyes,
and all of life's experiences become stagnant, like a puddle of guilt, in a daze.

There are such hard blows in life. I don't know

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