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Cusco Peru Travel
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Cusco Peru Travel is the most popular destination for tourists in Peru, and sees about a million visitors every year. It is known as the Historical Capital of Peru by the country's constitution. Cusco is thought to have been discovered by the Incas, and it served as the Inca capital from the 1200's to 1532.

Francisco Pizarro of Spain defeated the Incas in 1534 and took the city over. He built cathedrals from the stones of the palaces and temples that he tore down.

Cusco Peru TravelToday, 85% of people in Cusco are Roman Catholic while 15% of the population remains true to their Incan theological roots. In the 1530's, the then-Spanish-ruled city was divided among those of Pizarro's men who had settled there.

They had a puppet ruler who governed from a hilltop palace. Within a couple years, the colonists were engaged in power struggles, which lasted until one of the colonist-rulers departed the area for an expedition.

The remaining of Pizarro's men ruled unjustly, and the Incan rival to those men left in 1536 to collect fighters for the Great Rebellion. After much rivalry, Cusco Peru then remained relatively peaceful, at least in military terms. They suffered a massive earthquake in 1650, a bishop from Madrid, Spain, Bishop Mollinedo, helped to lead the settlers in the reconstruction of Cusco. His influence can also be seen in the works of art around the city.

Cusco Peru Travel - Interesting Facts

If you travel Cuzco, the Festival of the Sun is held every year, and recreates the Incan ceremony that was once held in Cusco. Many visitors flock to the city for this event. The Festival lasts a week and is ended with a parade, and lavish celebrations.

Cusco Peru Travel

Cusco Peru developed under Pachacutec, an Inca ruler, into a bustling urban center, with much separated administrative and religious functions. The surrounding areas were clearly divided for industrial, artisan and agricultural production.

Cusco Peru TravelThe latitude would seemingly indicate that Cusco has a tropical climate, but it is actually cooler than many other nearby areas, because of its altitude. It's not unusual for summer evenings to dip into the forties and sometimes even the thirties.

Located in the Peruvian Andes, Cusco is 11,150 feet above sea level, which can cause respiratory issues, especially for people with a predisposition to such problems. Even if you don't normally have respiratory problems, it's a good idea to spend your first day in the city doing non-physical activities, until you adjust.

When travel Cuzco, do not miss a visit to the inca Historical Monument of Macchu Picchu, The great citadel is located high in the Andes Mountains, 43 miles northwest of Cuzco at the top of a ridge.

Cusco Peru Travel is an unforgettable experience, many questions remain unanswered about the Lost City of the Incas, but once you are there, you will definitely feel something special.

Hotels Cusco Peru

If you are planning to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu, I fully recommend you book your hotel in advance. Cusco is visited by many tourists from all over the world throughout the year, keep in mind Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of the world, so you better make sure you´ve got somewhere to sleep ASAP. Probably the best time to go is between May and October, the dry season. There are lovely hotels within the region, you can search Hotels Cusco Peru below if needed (cheap and expensive).

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Cusco Peru
Cusco Peru Travel is the most popular destination for tourists in Peru, and sees about a million visitors every year. It is known as the Historical Capital of Peru by the country's constitution.

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