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A City with a unique identity

Cuzco HistoryWhen most people think about Cuzco history, their mind fixates on the Incas, as they were a strong influence on the area. Actually, the district was populated before the Incas came onto the scene.

The Killki culture worked the ground as much as it could be used for agriculture, and used the stone so commonly found there to make their structures.

They were the dominant group in the area from 700-800 AD. You can still see some of their structures, while many were later incorporated into the constructions of the Incas. The plan for the city of Cuzco was designed in the shape of a puma, which was for the Incas a sacred animal.

The ritual center doubled as an area fortified for retreat, and is the tooth-packed, jagged head; The cat's tail lies where the two rivers merge in the city; between those two sites is the Temple of the Sun, the sacred beast's loins, the center of the Inca universe. The puma's heart was the ceremonial square; Four main roads marked the four strong legs of the puma.

The city, when completed, was unrivaled architecturally - a city at the center of a huge empire. The Incas adorned Cuzco with some of their most dominant and imposing structures. All of the buildings of importance were built with hard volcanic rock, and the narrow, straight streets held stone channels that drained off rains.

Cuzco HistoryThe next chapter of Cuzco history would be written by the Spaniards, who found the city thriving when they arrived. Francisco Pizarro reached the capital in November of 1533.

He and his men had never seen anything like the planned city. Everything from the stone work to the precious metals surpassed what they had seen in Spain. They nevertheless plundered the city of its fabulous wealth.

Cuzco history enters today with a unique identity that even extends beyond the legacy left in the stones of andesite that the Incas carved. Cuzco can be dark, but also often vibrant with color. Street demonstrations by citizens of the left-of-center city are commonplace.

Much of Cuzco's political light left with ex-mayor Daniel Estrada, who went to sit in the Congress in Lima in the 1990's. But the visual legacy remains, with the help of Guido Gallegos, a local architect.

When the new millennium arrived, it found a Cuzco magnetic for mystics. They think it will once again become the umbilical center of Mother Earth. Mystic tours are readily available, and the community spirit is strong in its diversity. The city has so much to show now, just as it always has.

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Cuzco History
When most people think about Cuzco history, their mind fixates on the Incas, as they were a strong influence on the area. Actually, the district was populated before the Incas came onto the scene.

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