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Eva Ayllon, composer and singer

by Alberto

Eva Ayllon, Peruvian singer

Eva Ayllon, Peruvian singer

María Angélica Ayllón (best known as Eva Ayllon) was born in Lima in 1956. She has experienced different musical influences such as indigenous Peruvian, African and Spanish during her 30-year career. She is the Queen of the "musica criolla" and "Lando" and sometimes called Peru's Tina Turner.

Eva Ayllon formed a fantastic group in collaboration with other excellent Peruvian musicians like drum player Alex Acuña, called "Hijos del Sol" (Children of the Sun) which personally I think was just memorable.

Eva is considered one of the best voices in Peru and a great artist known internationally.

Watch below the great "Tamalito" song performed by Eva Ayllon and Los Hijos del Sol band. What can I say... amazing song.

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