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Quick Facts about Peru

In this page I would like to tell you the main facts about Peru. Its history, economy, currency, information, religion, population and other interesting things about this beautiful country.
Peru is located in South America and is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Its culture is one of the most diverse in South America, and most of Peru's population lives on the coastal areas. There are more than 3000 festivities celebrated arond the country every year. The majority of people follow the Christian religion brought by the Spaniards and the main national language is Spanish, but also a minority of people speak Quechua, mainly in the rural areas.

Peru Flag

Peru FlagThe Peru flag is a vertical triband with red outer bands and a single white middle band. The coat of arms is placed in the white-middle band. The red color signifies the blood shed for achieving Peruvian independence and the white represents peace.

One of the interesting facts about Peru flag, is that some people say its colors come from a dream about flamingos. It was Jose de San Martin, who proclaimed the independence of Peru, that had this dream with beautiful birds with white bodies and red wings. When he woke up, saw the same birds flying in the sky, they were flamingos. Jose de San Martin designed the first peruvian flag and after many changes, it was finally left as you see in the image on the left.

Peru Money

Due to the bad state of the economy and the massive inflation in the 1980s , the government got rid of the inti and brought the new Peru currency "nuevo sol" as the country's new money. The Peruvian nuevo sol is an stable and reliable currency, it is also the least affected by the weak dollar global tendency. You can check the updated currency converter.

Peru Economy

Peru economy is based in natural and industrial resources. In recent years the peruvian economy has hughly improved. They have gone from 50% poverty rate in 2004 down to 36% in 2008. The actual President, Alan García, is commited to reduce it to under 10% in 8 years time. The Peruvian government actively seeks to attract both foreign and domestic investment in all sectors of the economy.

Peru People

Almost 45% of the people of Peru are indigenous, and about 37% is mestizo (a combination of indigenous and Latin). The rest of the population of Peru is Indian, African, Chinese, or of some other descent. Peru people has a combination of Inca and Spanish traditions and influences in their day to day life, like the religion (christian majority) and many of their festivities. In modern Peruvian society, men have an average literacy rate of 92 percent, and women have an average literacy rate of 79 percent.

Facts about Peru Population

Peru population is over 26 million people, Amerindians constitute around 45% of the total population, European descendants around 15%, most of them live in the largest cities, usually in the northern and central part of Peru: Lima, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Piura, Cajamarca and San Martin . The only southern city with a significant white population is Arequipa. There is also a large presence of Asian Peruvians, mainly Japanese and Chinese, that makes 3% of the Peru population.

You will find many more facts about Peru on this website. The spectacular historical and cultural sites, heritage and people, make this beautiful country unique.

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Moving to Peru
Moving to Peru means living in a highly recommended place, it is the most ancient spot rich in culture, sport, music and architecture in Western South America.

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Peru Music
Peru music has distinguished fame among people. Union and merging of sounds, themes and styles are the basic recognition of the Peruvian music.

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Peru Government
Today, the Peru government is officially known as a presidential representative democratic republic. The President is the head of state; elected for five years, the actual President cannot seen immediate re-election.

Peru Geography
The geography of Peru is truly a wonder. When it comes to location, this country has it all!

Peru Climate
From the hot and humid Amazon Basin to the cold and dry Janca region, Peru offers many more different experiences for the adventurous tourist that most countries twice its size.

Peru Food
The peruvian food mixes fabulous and exquisite flavors from four continents and is considered one of the most varied and rich in the world.

Facts about Peru
Main facts about Peru, its history, economy, currency, information, religion, population and other interesting things about this beautiful country.

Sports in Peru
The most popular sports in Peru are the soccer and volleyball, sporting adventures increases as Peru is a diverse land with extreme facet and slides.

Peruvian National Anthem
The Peruvian National Anthem was first brought to contest in 1821 and after a few changes they finally settled for the actual one. The original lyrics were considered very aggressive towards Spain.

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