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Inca Gods

Inca Gods - Manco Capac

The Inca Gods were very important to their people. All cultures have religious myths, but the myth of Inca religion is particularly replete with the creation of different gods.The Inca were polytheists, the sun was the most important aspect of life and there was a clear tendency to worship the stars and the moon.

The Inca allowed the cultures they integrated into their empire to keep their own religions and beliefs. The most important cult was directed to inca sun god, Inti.

The religious center of the Inca culture was Sacsahuaman, located in Cusco. Inti Raymi, the feast of the sun, was the biggest and magnificent festivity.

The Inca understood the world as composed of three levels: Uku Pacha, the past and interior world, Kay Pacha, the present world and Hanan Pacha, the future and superior world.

Divination was carried out by priests. They were expected to communicate with the spirits using an hallucinogenic plant to achieve a communion with the other world.

Inca Gods - PachacamacBasically the Inca created gods for almost everything that was important to them. Here are a few of the major inca gods/goddesses:

Viracocha- The creation god from which all life and all other gods came.

Inti- The inca sun god was one of the most important gods in their religion. All Inca Emperors were said to descend from this god. Inti is represented throughout Inca culture by the golden sun disk.

Konira Wirakocha- This is the trickster god. He wanders around dressed as an impoverished traveler. With a single word he could create fields and terraced hillsides.

Mama Quilla- Mama Quilla is the moon goddess, goddess of marriage and the protector of women. She was the wife of Inti and the daughter of Viracocha.

Supai- Supai was the god of death and greed. Supai was greatly feared by the Inca and many children were sacrificed in order to appease him.

Chiqui Illapa- The thunder god. This was the god the Inca worshiped for rain.

Pachacamac- God of the earth. Considered the creator god by the peoples who lived in Peru before the Inca conquest.

Manco Capac- The son of Inti. Manco Capac founded the city of Cuzco and was worshipped as the son of the Sun.

Inca Gods - Inti, Sun God

Related Info

Inca Art
Most of the Inca art was melted down by the Spanish to satisfy their lust for gold and silver. Much about the Inca and their culture is surrounded in mystery and their art is no different.

Inca Architecture
The Inca were masterful architects and stone masons. Inca Architecture has withstood centuries of abuse and has come out largely intact.

Inca Culture
When it comes to the Inca it can get a little difficult to separate fact from speculation but the indisputable truth is that Inca culture had a dramatic impact on present day Peru.

Inca Religion
The Incas did leave an oral record of their beliefs that has been passed down from generation to generation through the centuries.

Inca Music
Inca Music is the result of centuries of ethnic and cultural mix. The wind and percussion instruments are the best known of Inca Music. PanPipes, Flutes and the Kena are just some examples of it.

Inca Gods
The Inca were polytheists, the sun was the most important aspect of life and there was a clear tendency to worship the stars and the moon.

Inca Artifacts
The Inca people were skilled craftsmen, they made jewelry, masks, pottery, tapestries, musical instruments, baskets, and other crafts. This artifacts have been found by archaeologists and tell us many things that we know about the Incas way of life.

Inca Masks
The Inca masks are a tradition in Peru that has been going on for centuries, it is part of the inca culture.

Inca Clothing
Inca men used to wear tunics which were knee length, grass shoes or leather sandals, headbands, headdresses, belts and bags.

Inca Civilization


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