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John Pescoran - Painter

by Harry Rexford
(Hayward, California)

John Pescoran: Surreal Pop Ar

John Pescoran: Surreal Pop Ar

John Pescoran: Surreal Pop Ar John Pescoran: Lady Sunshine Heart series John Pescoran: Love Will Blossom series

John Pescoran is a Peruvian American surreal pop artist (or just pop artist) who was born in Lima, Peru in 1980. John Pescoran is a notable and prolific surreal pop artist who has inspired me to not only immerse myself in my art, but also have fun with using all sorts of colors.

I used to be intimidated with using colors in my work because I never really got the hang of color harmony and color theory, that is until I was influenced by John Pescoran's art. What I learned was that if you pay attention to a Pescoran work of art, you will notice how John Pescoran plays with colors and creates amazing color harmony in all his paintings and illustrations.

In almost all of John Pescoran's works of art, I get a sense of immense imagination and fun illuminating from certain pieces. He does an excellent job at combining surrealism with pop art. Pescoran does not only work exclusively on canvas or paper, he also creates works of video-art, sculptures and other forms of art.

In 2010 John Pescoran created an animated video for the legendary goth-rock band, Alien Sex Fiend for their song, Dance of the Dead. John Pescoran usually cites his homeland of Peru and the bay area for his inspiration for his EthniCity and Electricityscape series-which feature a multiethnic influence in his work. John Pescoran is a mixture of Salvador Dali, Romero Britto, H.R. Giger, Peter Max, and Keith Haring rolled into one. If you admire surrealism and/or pop art, than I am certain you will love John Pescoran's artwork.

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