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Travel to Loreto Peru

Situated in the northernmost part of Peru, Loreto is the largest region of this South American country. The total area of this region is about one-third of the nation but it is one of the sparsely populated areas of the country.

Loreto in Peru is crisscrossed by several rivers, all of which belong to the great Amazon River. So, if enjoying scenic beauty is on your cards, Loreto can be the ideal destination. Cultural unity was fostered in the territory during the rein of Cuismanco's kingdom.

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There are seven provinces and 51 districts in this Peruvian region. The capital of Loreto Peru is Iquitos, which was established around 1750s. The city is situated in the middle of the left bank of the Amazon River and the Nanay River. Iquitos saw rapid economical growth during what is called the "rubber boom". It happened in the 19th century and lasted for 25 long years.

The place soon became a city of dreams, and people came here with the hope of a better future. The rapidity of the development and the prosperity of the city economy made people name these two decades as "The Golden Age" of the city.

Reaching Loreto

The quickest way to reach Loreto is via the aerial route. You can board flights from Lima and reach Iquitas within 1 hour and 30 minutes. You may even board regular flights to Iquitos plying from Pucallpa (1 hour) and Tarapoto (50 minutes). Yurimaguas and Leticia, Colombia also have a few sporadic flights to Iquitos, which will take about 40 minutes and 1 hour respectively.

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What to do in Loreto

The popular festivals that you can enjoy while your travel to Loreto Peru are the Anniversary of Iquitas, Fiesta de San Juan, livestock and crafts fair in Santa Clara de Nanay - a small town, and Senora de la Natividad. If you want, you can also click some pictures with the Amhuacas and the Urarina, who are the native inhabitants of the Amazon area. In case you want to enjoy local delicacies, don't miss the Fiesta de San Juan festival.

During your trip to Loreto, don't forget to visit the Allpahuayo-Mishna National Reserve and the Pucacuro Reserved Zone. Santa Clara and Tunchi Playa are two of its well known beaches, which can entice even the adventurous travelers with their water sports activities.

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The District of Yurimaguas Peru, is located in the Huallaga River drainage system. It has an area of 2.684 km2 with an estimated population of 61.968 inhabitants (2005). Yurimaguas is the first district in economic importance of the province of Upper Amazon.

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