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Nazca Lines, The truth to all existance

by Josh



Those lines were created by the gods. The gods came to our earth many times, creating man. Untill the day when they were finally able to creat the humans we are today. The last time they were here, was around 3600 years ago. Those lines could have been made long before that.

Most likely the time they were here before that, or even before then. It is hard to tell. 4.7 billion years ago was when they first made contact with our planet. since then, they only come past our planet in a very odd orbit around our sun. but they pass earth every 3600 years, they live on a planet called Nibiru. Their race, is as far as we know, Annunaki.

They came from the planet Nibiru, durring it's 7 day window where it is closest to earth, but still further than mars. They came to our planet, in many locations around the world. Creating man in their own image. Those lines were created by the Gods that created the Peruvians.

They are lucky to have such a large piece of history from their gods. The gods will return again, soon. The cycle is near it's solstice. The rising of the temperature of earth, as well as the strange weather phenomenon is responsible from the gravitational force already being created by Nibiru, as it gets closer and closer to earth.

The information I have told you, is the absolute truth. The words of the gods, and the facts of our science today. Planet X (Nibiru) exists, and that is the planet that our GODS live on. If you do not understand this, they will not take you with them. If your conscious is blinded by worldly ways, your consciousness will not be free'd when they come.

Free your consciousness, believe in the Gods. They created us, and they will save us. Those who do not believe, will be stuck in eternal reincarnation on earth, being a slave to worldy ways.

Peace, Love.

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by: James

There are lots of conspiracy theories that are based on the origin of this Universe. There is no doubt that God made this universe and recently scientists also have agreed the same.

Have you really discovered God?
by: Barniwins

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no-one comes to the Father except through Me." Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,? Holy Bible- 1 Peter 1:3
God exists, He is with us, He loves us, He pursues us, He wants all of us to know Him and be saved, losing no-one, but have you who are spiritually minded, and I see that you must be, seriously asked God to reveal who He is to You? If He is real, living and concerned for every one of us, that we should know Him, then He is equally concerned that you also know Him.

For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. (Holy Bible, New Testament, Matthew 7:8 (New International Version))

Ask God with sincerity and earnestly, to show Himself to you and I guarantee that He will, leaving you in no doubt that He's with you and loves you beyond anyone else you've ever known. If your life has been painful, Jesus has walked every step of the agony with you, whether or not you know it, and has come to heal your wounds, not just in this life but for eternity. Look for Him while you can,

A lost sheep that was found.

Spot on almost
by: David Wilson

See I believe in what you have just said, however I think that there is so much secrecy involved. You must have heard of iluminati's and the three masons, well I believe that everything is connected to planet nibiru, all the conspiracys about new world order also like the government know about this planet and are secretly worshiping them, there are so many mysteries to this world it's amazing and I just know that all the answers I here right infront of us now but we are not ready yet to ascend.

They will come in 2012 to collect more gold, maybe the next time round we will have evolved enough to ascend.. From the last time they were here to prescent day I think we haven't done to bad in terms of technology but still we have not discovered the secrets of our own planet when we do we will be ready!


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