"Your Guide to the Inca Empire"
About Peru History

Nazca Lines

by Elias Kabban
(Harbor beach, MI United States)

I think the Nazca lines are an Excentric pieces of work.

But they are only probably the shapes of the stars and the nazca using some type of calender allignment.Probably an eclipse or such made a shadow of the signling of these shapes. what they represent could have been the future of upcoming creatures. an astronaut signling a trip beyond our world. Spider signling evil such as hitler and other rebels. Condor or hummingbird resemble flight to be in the air. Dog siglning passage within ground. animals are gods earliest creatures they are the most logical symbols to use. Whale signing the waters using whales probably are keys to hidden legends within our waters. A use of transportation.

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About Peru History, "Your Guide to the Inca Empire"

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