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Peru Investment

Peru Investment can be a very interesting option now a days. With major unstable economies in USA and Europe, many investors are looking at emerging countries such as Peru. The goverment is trying to attract foreign and local investment in all sectors.

The goverment has come up with measures to encorage investment such as lower trade barriers, eliminate restrictions and open the economy to foreign investment. As a result of that, Peru is one of the most open investment countries in the world.

The country has incredible natural resources and it is the third biggest in South America. During the last years, it has reduced poverty from 50 to 30% and the unemployment is around 3% in Lima (the capital) and 10% in other regions.

The agriculture is one of the most powerful sectors in Peru, and the main exports are copper, gold, zinc and crude oil. It is estimated that only a 10% of the overall national territory with mining potential has been explored.

Peru Investment Main Facts

  • Peru´s economy has been steadily growing during the last 8 years
  • The internal consumption expectations are very high
  • Many investment projects, mainly in public infrastructure and agricultural trade
  • GDP increased by 8.93% in 2010
  • Diversification of exports (mining, agricultural, fishery , hydrocarbon products and several manufactured products)
  • Due to the diversity of historical sites and regions, Tourism one of the most interesting investing sectors in Peru
  • Elimination of price control and restrictions on foreign direct investments
  • Peru is the fifth major gold producer in the world

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    About Peru History, Your Guide to the Inca Empire!

    Peru History is best known because the country was the home of the Inca empire. Find out everything about Peru history, geography, people, cities, food, culture, attractions, travel and much more!.

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    Inca Religion

    Inca religion was rich with nature worship and festivals. In fact, festivals were held every month. With so many deities, it was only natural that divination was an important part of Inca religion.

    Continue reading "Inca Religion"

    Inca Gods

    The Inca Gods were very important to their people. All cultures have creation myths, but the creation myth of Inca religion is particularly replete with the creation of different gods.

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    Alpacas in Peru

    Alpacas in Peru inhabit the high Andes above 3,800 m. The alpaca is an animal with an harmonious fine walk and slender body covered with a fiber called vellon. Its main production is the fiber, that has various colors.

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    Peru Arequipa

    Archaeologists have discovered that people have inhabited the fertile valleys of Peru Arequipa since 5000-6000 BCE. In the fifteenth century, the area was occupied by the Aymara Indians.

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    Sports in Peru

    The most popular sports in Peru are the soccer and volleyball, sporting adventures increases as Peru is a diverse land with extreme facet and slides.

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    Peru Website Advertising

    Peru website advertising offer you targeted, presold customers directed to your Peru business.

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    Peru Food

    Peru food is one of the most impressive in the world

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    poetas peruanos

    En 1970,tuve opportunidad de conocer a Guillermo Mercado, poeta peruano, nacido en Arequipa, Dedico con mucho amor su labor como maestro. En sus poesias

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    Inca Civilization, history, business, investments, architecture, culture

    The Inca Civilization lasted for three hundred years from the 13th to the 16th century. Getting a true picture of Inca history is difficult because the Incas had no written language and passed their history down orally from one generation to the next.

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    Inca Trail Holiday

    An inca trail holiday will impress you with great lakes, snow-capped mountains, vast valleys and Inca ruins. The inca trail has stretches of stone stairs, with wooden bridges and tunnels dug into the rock. At night, you sleep in tents that carriers mount really quick. While you go along, it is inevitable to imagine the former worshippers of the sun in those lands.

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    Travel to Machu Picchu

    If you are thinking to travel to Machu Picchu, probably the best time to go is between the months of May until October because the weather is drier. Do not miss a visit to the Lost City of the Incas, you will never forget it.

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    About Peru History, "Your Guide to the Inca Empire"

    Inca Peru History and Travel

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