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Peru Music

Peru music has distinguished fame among people. Union and merging of sounds, themes and styles are the basic recognition of the Peruvian music.

Music in Peru includes Andean music, Afro music and different styles such as Huayno, Marinera, etc. Peru musical influence and instruments can be traced back to cultures established before the Incas dominance period in the 1400´s.

Afro Peruvian Music

There are various traditional musical instruments i.e. harps, lutes, guitars, bandurrias, vihuelas used by the musicians of Peru. The Charango is a kind of mandolin and predominates within the native music, it was used in courtship, rituals, mermaids in Canas and Titicaca regions of Peru.

Huayno is very popular music in Peru which is a turn of phrase of Pre-Columbian music, Criolla music has a fusion style of coastal Peruvian music and Andean Peruvian music is the native music from the highlands. Afro Peruvian music is another form of music which was established in 1969. Saxophone and clarinet have left influential effects on the music industry of Peru.

Peruvian Marinera Music

Wind instruments like flutes and Panpipes have their eminent place in the music of Peru and they are available in different sizes.

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Peru Music
Peru music has distinguished fame among people. Union and merging of sounds, themes and styles are the basic recognition of the Peruvian music.

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Peru Government
Today, the Peru government is officially known as a presidential representative democratic republic. The President is the head of state; elected for five years, the actual President cannot seen immediate re-election.

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Sports in Peru
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Peruvian National Anthem
The Peruvian National Anthem was first brought to contest in 1821 and after a few changes they finally settled for the actual one. The original lyrics were considered very aggressive towards Spain.

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