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Traditional Peruvian dance as well as modern forms of dancing are both very popular among Peruvians. It is needless to state that their dance forms are very much like their culture - rich and vibrant.

Music and dance define culture and when it comes to Peru, both music and dance forms are steeped in culture, which is centuries old. It is also important to note that Peru has been influenced by its neighbors, which is reflected in the country's dance forms as well. Therefore, along with the traditional or typical dance forms of Peru, you also will find others that are influenced by Hispanic or African dances.

One of the more popular dances of Peru is the Marinera, which is originally from the northern part of Peru. This dance finds its origins in the Spanish Flamenco dance, where both the partners are flirting with each other in their traditional garbs. This is an internationally famous dance form, which is used to depict a man courting his woman.

Other popular Peru dances include the Tondero and the Huayno, which owe their origin to the mountainous regions of Peru. The Huayno is a very colorful dance and has been practiced since the Inca or Pre Inca times of the country. Diablada is another famous dance form of South Peru, which was initially started as a means to drive away evil. In this dance form, dancers wear costumes with head dresses that depict evil.

Apart from these traditional dances, there are dances that depict the work, hunts and wars of Peruvian people. These include dance forms like the Chiringuano, Kullawada, Llamerada, Chatripuli etc. Another popular dance from the mountains is the Huaylash, which is like an awkward tap dance with colorful costumes and represents the agricultural tasks performed by farmers.

While it is not possible to write about all the different types of Peruvian dances, the above are some of the major ones that are known internationally. If you are planning a trip to Peru, then it is best to soak in the local culture by attending some of these dances.

Peru Marinera Dance Video

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Peruvian Music
While the music of Peru today is a blend of other music styles, you can still hear the strains of traditional Andean music while visiting the highlands.

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