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For all you music lovers out there, Peruvian music is a real treat from heaven. The ancient strings of Andean music have blended really well with both European and African music to give rise to what we know as the music of Peru these days.

The beauty of music in Peru is that it is all absorbing and all including. In other words, the current day music has not really forgotten the ancient Andean strains, which it owes its origin to, although it is a blend of multiple styles and cultures.

The Charango is the native instrument of Peruvian music, akin to the mandolin, and was used right from the days of the Viceroyalty. What is interesting is that this instrument was initially designed to imitate the sounds of the Spanish guitar and lutes. Another interesting aspect of this instrument is that it is typically used by men during courtship to lure women.

A very popular and ancient aspect of music in Peru is the quena flutes and bamboo panpipes, which are internationally acclaimed. Most of the mountainous regions of the Andes, across the entire part of the South American continent, is famous for using these instruments.

Even today, strains of traditional folk music of the Andean culture are used during celebrations, although it is a little different than the earlier versions.

It is interesting to note that different communities in Peru have their own forms of music, making it truly multi-cultural in that aspect. Instruments used for creating music also differ from one community to another, although the base does remain the same. Along with the kind of instruments used, even the composition of tunes or music is dependent on the community that creates it, making it really unique.

While the music of Peru today is a blend of other music styles, you can still hear the strains of traditional Andean music while visiting the highlands. If you love music, then do not miss a chance to listen to the beautiful Andean music, while in Peru.

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Peruvian Dance
One of the more popular dances of Peru is the Marinera, which is originally from the northern part of Peru. This dance finds its origins in the Spanish Flamenco dance, where both the partners are flirting with each other in their traditional garbs.

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