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Some of the Best Waves in the Planet

Surfing Peru, ChicamaSurfing Peru means you will find world class spots to experience waves from every size.

The northern coast of Peru hoasts the largest left hand point break in the world located in Máncora and it also offers the longest left-handed wave in the world in Chicama.

Surfing is a very popular sport in Peru thanks to several Peruvian surfers that has achieved outstanding results internationally (two world championships). Surfing Peru has become a "must do" for surfers around the world.

Surfing Peru, Best Waves

  • Mancora

  • Mancora is located 1164 kilometers north of Lima on the Pan-American Highway and 1 hour drive away from Tumbes. It has over 30 different beach resorts and every year is visited by tourists from all the World. Mancora is one of the best-known beach towns in Peru, where you can find a nice 1.5 to 2 meters left plus other picks and break around the area.

  • Cabo Blanco

  • Cabo Blanco is a fishing village in northwestern Peru. It is considered the best left in the whole country, Cabo Blanco is a fast and short wave that breaks anything from 1 to 4 meters. Located 1137 kilometers from Lima on the Pan-American Highway, district of El Alto.

  • Huanchaco

  • Huanchaco is located in the city of Trujillo (north Peru) and is famous for being a surfers paradise. Probably the origin of surfing happened in this beach town, as the totora rafts (caballitos de totora) still ride waves on those beaches bringing the catch of Peruvian fishermen since Mochica times around 200 AD.

  • Chicama

  • Chicama is located at Malabrigo port, ½ hour from Trujillo. It is known as the longest left in the world with a ride of approximate 1 kilometer and 4 defined sections: "el point, el cape, el hombre and el muelle", Its water is cold and breaks 2 meters average.

  • Pico Alto

  • Pico Alto is located in the town of Punta Hermosa, 40km south of Lima. Probably the biggest wave in Peru with lefts and rights and waves almost 10 meters high, for experts only.

  • Punta Rocas

  • Punta Rocas is located 45 kilometers south of Lima. There are big and consistent waves that breaks from 1 to 5 meters. A world surfing championship was held in Punta Rocas back in 1965.

  • Cerro Azul

  • Cerro Azul is located 131 km south of Lima, it is frequently visited in the summer by its residents. It breaks left and long, very consistent cold water.

  • Isla San Gallan

  • Isla San Gallan is accessible by boat, it offers the best right of Peru, long and tubular waves. Couple this with the impressive scenery of the marine wildlife of the nearby Paracas National Park.

    Surfing Peru is a fantastic experience you will never forget. The best locations in central Peru and the northern coast, surfing world class waves and enjoying unparallel settings, is just a dream come true.

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    Surfing Package Peru
    Choosing a surfing package Peru is probably the best and safer way to experience some of the best surf spots in the world such as Mancora, Cabo Blanco, Chicama, etc.

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    Surfing Peru

    In the next 15 days you will join an adventure that will take you to the best locations in central Peru and the northern coast, surfing world class waves like Punta Rocas, Cabo Blanco, Organos, etc

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