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Tambopata Rainforest Travel

Tambopata Rainforest

The Tambopata Rainforest amazing biodiversity, is considered to be a privileged spot for wildlife observation. This pristine jungle offers the visitor an incredible variety of activities, such as treks through primary forests, or canoe rides on oxbow lakes to observe nature.

We must mention the biggest Collpa (lick) of macaws in the world, and also the opportunity to sight giant otters, a specie currently near extinction. All these wonders attract tourists, scientiists and photographers of the wildlife. Tambopata is the ideal place for the ecotourism lovers and for those that desire to be in contact with nature.

Tambopata Rainforest Travel

Tambopata Rainforest Travel - Suggested Itinarery

Day 1 | Lima - Puerto Maldonado - Tambopata

Tambopata Travel

Tambopata Rainforest

All transfers, Tambopata jungle tour 4d/3n. Flights Lima - Tambopata – Lima.

3 meals included during the tour except first day breakfast.

Driver, boat staff and bilingual certified guide.

Not Included:
Additional activities, tips, extra expenses and airport taxes.

Morning transfer to the airport and flight to Puerto Maldonado. Reception at the airport and transfer to the Maldonado Lodge, where you will receive a welcoming tropical fruit beverage. You will embark for a 4-hour motorboat trip up the Tambopata river to Tambopata Lodge & Research Center (box lunch on route).

During the trip we will be able to observe the local farms, while groups of birds fly the boat. Opportunity to see families of Capybaras, the largest rodents in the world. Reception, accommodation at the lodge. After a short rest we will have a brief introductory walk in the forest nearby to learn basic principles of ecology and hear some wildlife natural history.

Return to the lodge for dinner. After dinner we will make our first visit to the forest to observe the nocturnal life of insects, of various colours, and occasional encounter with nocturnal animals. We will enjoy the diverse sounds of the jungle which will accompany our first night in Amazonia. Sleep in the lodge.

Day 2 | Tambopata Rainforest
Early waking (4.30 am) and travel up the Tambopata River for an hour to the Bahuaja- Sonene National Park. You will see a magical sunrise and it is a great opportunity to see animals such as capybaras, tapirs, jaguars, and deers in the surrounding virgin forest.

We will observe (from a save distance) one of the greatest spectacle of the rainforest: Hundreds of parrots, parakeets and macaws of various species, enjoying their diet of mineral salts on a river bank, here we will have a hot drink and a snack, then, return to the lodge to have a late breakfast. Ethno botanical trekking through one of the trails learning about medicinal plants. After lunch we will enter the verdant jungle on a special trail to observe wild life.

We will then enter the territory of peccaries, deers, and other animals, with the possibility to hear or see the tracks of them, or discover a troop of monkeys travelling through the forest in search of food. Time permitting, we will be able to enjoy a relaxing swim in the Cascade of the Cat. After dinner, we can make another trip through the jungle, search for caimans or relax in our lodge surrounded by exotic nocturnal sounds.

Day 3 | Tambopata Rainforest
fter breakfast we will make a boat trip to the Wasai Maldonado Lodge, in Puerto Maldonado where we will relax in our bungalows and enjoy a tasty lunch. After lunch we will leave and travel for thirty minutes on the Madre de Dios River, to the access trail to Lake Sandoval, a beautiful typical rainforest lake. 3 km hike to the banks of the lake.

There we will board a canoe to paddle around the lake enjoying the beauty of the landscape and observing the wildlife, such as kingfishers, herons, hoatzins (unique pre-historic looking birds), monkeys, etc. If we are lucky, we could see the family of giant otters which live at the lake.

It is time to begin our return hike to the Madre de Dios River to return to Puerto Maldonado. There we will stay in the modern and comfortable bungalows of Maldonado Lodge. After dinner we will be able to rest or go around the city on foot or on bicycle. We can enjoy the pool and its cascade surrounded by verdant vegetation. Rest of the night free to enjoy the night life of this welcoming city.

Day 4 | Tambopata - Lima
Breakfast and transport to the airport. Flight to Lima. Transfer and end of our services.

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Tambopata Rainforest Travel
The Tambopata Rainforest amazing biodiversity, is considered to be a privileged spot for wildlife observation. This pristine jungle offers the visitor an incredible variety of activities, such as treks through primary forests, or canoe rides on oxbow lakes to observe nature.

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