"Your Guide to the Inca Empire"
About Peru History

The Knowledge we not yet reached

by V.Vara Prasada Rao

Though we are in 21st century, we still in an uneven lines of growth and mostly probably towards self destruction ecologically instead of peaceful settlement of mankind.

We are not yet solved some mysteries of earth such as 'Bermuda triangle' and all these 'nazca lines' etc., for which still our knowledge not yet matched. Even our space science also cannot give justifiable answers or any hypothesis.

All these mysteries are might be of our ancestral heritage or knowledge such as ancient Harappan culture etc., which we didn't solved with our present knowledge.

There is no time also for us to get it while struggling to fight with global-warming, Ozone layer damage etc.

Such other things leads to a confidence of believing a super human power in the universe might be the "God" in any name one can give nomenclature for its presence.

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About Peru History, "Your Guide to the Inca Empire"

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